All about us


Cocoa Brothers is a small business created with the idea of bringing back some of the best old-style chocolate in the world as well as developing modern recipes that combine customers demand and current healthy lifestyle. 

The Cocoa Brothers project started in 2014 and it was officially in business in 2016.

When it comes to our chocolate, we wanted to reinvent today's average chocolate bar by taking inspiration from the original Modica Chocolate – made the same way since it first appeared in Modica, Italy, hundreds of years ago – but in a more sustainable and healthy way.

In an era of industrialization, high-tech machinery, mass production and modified ingredients, we strive to deliver what we like to call the "chocolate from the past", a chocolate made without the use of modern techniques or tools, just like they used to hundreds of years ago. 
We do that by making our chocolate by hand, in small quantities, tempering on a marble slab over and over again using the best natural ingredients. Our chocolate is made only with two ingredients: Organic Cocoa and Sugar.

But there is more. 

Besides re-creating the same old-style chocolate bar, we wanted to be fully immersed in the Past just like if we traveled back in time using a time machine (maybe a DeLorean?).
With that in mind and with our graphics and printing background, we thought of complementing our chocolate line by designing and printing our own packaging. We use a 100-years-old letterpress powered by a foot treadle, just like grandma's old sewing machine. Our boxes, business cards and everything that is paper-made is completely handcrafted. We print mostly on recycled paper, then we use a custom made die to cut the box's silhouette into the paper and we wrap every piece of chocolate by hand. Multiply that by thousands!

We are proud of being able of making everything ourselves. Our business is our baby. We save money by making everything "in the house" rather than outsourcing and we deliver a product that is 100% handmade, top to bottom, in Orlando, FL.

Photo courtesy of  Jean Marie Biele

Photo courtesy of Jean Marie Biele